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Husband to Tami, of viral Facebook fame, following "post read around the world" by over 100 Million viewers of Jason's proclamation of love after seeing her at Target in the grocery line; proud parents of 4, family on a mission to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and families make and keep Promises to one another.

Jason began his career with the Las Vegas "Legends in Concert" as a Ricky Martin and Elton John impersonator, eventually turning away headlining opportunities on The Strip in order to keep his Promise, and creating a one-man show of comedy, impressions and family-friendly entertainment for corporate events and front line fighters in the US Military in war zone Afghanistan. Building a multi-million dollar business as an award-winning entertainer and becoming one of the most sought after Keynote Speakers in the Leadership market, inducted by his peers as one of the youngest ever in the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame, Jason Hewlett is the messenger of The Promise.

Q: What do you get when you bring together 100 of the Happiest Achievers™ on the planet?

A: The book 1 Habit™, filled with 100 Habits from the World's Happiest Achievers™. "Pick just 1 Habit™ from the book, and it will change your life forever. Pick 5, and you may just change the world.".

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