We asked without fear when we went from being servers in a restaurant to being personally mentored by multimillionaire John Shin. As servers in a restaurant, our side hustle was making and selling glitter gels online to people that go to EDM festivals! We sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of glitter gels from Instagram alone, and we never ran a single ad.

We wanted to be more serious with our business, so we started going to entrepreneur events! We went to the first Think and Grow Rich event in California! John Shin was doing a whole world tour of events, and this was the first one! We wanted to be on the social media team running the IG stories because that’s what we’re good at and we know that’s how he could reach the millennial audience! So we DM’d him, set up a call, told him our plan on how we can help, and he said no! We didn’t let that stop us, though. We bought a one-way flight, the most expensive $2,000 VIP ticket, and we showed up the event and started working it anyway. Then we asked him again, and he said yes! Now, not only are we running the IG stories for his events, but we’re sharing our story and speaking at them! Ask without fear, you’ll go further than you think!