Jessica Radetsky is the founder of Broadway Hearts, a children's hospital outreach group and arts scholarship program.

Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, Jessica began studying classical ballet at the age of five and started dancing professionally at the age of 17. She has performed with The Kirov Opera Ballet, The San Francisco and Los Angeles Opera Ballets, among others. In love with eras past, she also performs with the Jazz Age dance group The Canarsie Wobblers.

In 2009, after losing her beloved father to BRCA-related pancreatic cancer, Jessica became active in genetic cancer outreach and advocacy. Raising awareness for BRCA-related cancer prevention and quality of life issues around the country, she found a real passion for outreach.

In 2017, Jessica founded Broadway Hearts. Inspired by experiences with Make-A-Wish recipients, she focused on the idea of bringing Broadway performers to kids in children's hospitals, who might not be able to make it to the theater. Expanding on the mission, she started an arts scholarship program for these same children. Broadway Hearts is dedicated to her father, Peter Radetsky.

Jessica currently performs on Broadway in The Phantom of the Opera.