John is a dynamic speaker, accomplished leader, and expert in inspiring people to peak performances. He has over 20 years of experience speaking for Fortune 500 clients and a broad swath of industries including healthcare, financial, insurance, retail, and the military at hundreds of conferences, seminars, and retreats.

John’s background in peak performance stems from his work as a fight director and stunt coordinator for stage and film as well as his work for the military. His ability to engage individuals, unite teams, and drive change was instrumental in increasing the profitability of three regional theme parks by more than 60% in under six months of his direction.

During this time, John was also a professional comedian who brought his unique entertainments to bear for our military on six USO tours to the front lines of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Inspired by his work with the military, John felt he had to find deeper meaning in his work, and began focusing on helping others reach their chosen potentials. This new direction led him to become a college professor at Oberlin College in Ohio. 

While teaching at Oberlin, John's fascination with personal development led him to Study the neuroscience of performance. He developed peak performance protocols based upon the fight or flight response called the “Five F Protocols.”