Jonah White Is a self-made multi-millionaire, Who grew up dirt poor in a log cabin with no running water in rural  Illinois. When he was at a college football game in 1994 when he saw the product that would make him a millionaire. There, in the stands, a Southern Illinois University dental student named Rich Bailey was hamming it up with a set of realistic-looking hillbilly teeth, fabricated in his school’s lab. The contraption, which slipped on like a mouth guard, made Bailey’s gums look disgustingly decayed, with several bicuspids barely holding on. White would eventually learn that making prank dentures was common among dental students. But at the time, as Bailey drew a small crowd, White recognized this as his opportunity. He persuaded the dentist-in-training to go into business making and selling silly, fake teeth for $20. Twenty years and 15 million sets of teeth later, White is one of the most successful novelty-gift makers in America. He is one of the founders of  Billy-Bob Teeth Inc. He and his partner Rich Bailey made more than 50 million dollars by actually making people look ugly. Billy Bob teeth are sold in more than 150 countries from around the world, and so far.

Jonah is also a public speaker and Author. He wrote the book “The Billy Bob Secret to Life” that tells his rags to riches story. Life growing up poor to a successful business owner today.