Lea Woodford is the CEO of the SmartFem Media Group, full-service digital marketing, and advertising company.

As a sought after, International Speaker, Lea draws from her leaves, sharing her inspirational stories with grace and humor while focusing on leadership, innovation, and change to drive business, as she engages audiences and fosters a ‘Think Bigger’ mentality. Taking you through the journey of developing her online magazine and creatively growing it into the digital marketing and advertising company it is today, Lea motivates her audiences, in the same manner, she motivates her team; with her “Find Your Voice” mantra. As she ‘walks her talk,’ Lea encourages people to be bolder in their businesses and demonstrates how successes, as well as so-called failures, are an integral part of growing with intent in the right direction while consistently bringing a fresh approach and perspective on marketing, leadership, innovation and customer service.

Lea’s expertise in online marketing and social media allows her to assist companies with the latest trends and help move them to the next level in the ever-changing digital space, imparting valuable information in a fun and entertaining way which leaves audiences motivated and ready to take action!