Linda Zander is the Founder and CEO of Success Pros Online and the We Give Program. The We Give Program offers free success coaching to those in need worldwide. Its mission statement is that no person, regardless of gender, geography, disability, race, religion, or economic status be denied the opportunity to Succeed – and that support shall be easily accessible to all. At Success Pros Online, Linda and her global team of pros are helping people to receive the help they need when they need it, affordable and by eliminating oppressive contracts, membership fees, and wait times.

Through relentlessly living her holistic model of success known as the Maximum Riches Formula™, Linda achieved success in all areas of her life. She became a self-made multimillionaire before the age of 40, overturned a fatal health diagnosis, became a medaled amateur athlete and gained an international presence as an adept advisor on the topic of sustainable wealth and well-being. Linda is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a Forbes Contributor, and Certified Science of Success Instructor. In 2006, Linda received the City of Los Angele’s Certificate of Recognition for Courage and Determination and dubbed “An inspiration to all and an Angel in Our City of Angels.”