1 Habit™ Contributing Author

International Educator, Speaker, and Business Coach, Lori McNeil focuses on the missing foundational tools organizations need for long-term success. Experienced in public and private sectors, Lori helps new businesses grow and established companies re-strategize.

She has successfully grown grassroots programs from zero to millions which lead to National recognition by U.S. Senator, Gordon Smith. Lori is also a Curriculum Designer, a retired Business Professor, and has helped grow countless organizations organically (including her own International company that includes Legacy Leaders Unlimited, Media Secrets, and Driven Mastery -- all brands that assist Entrepreneurs in building a true, long-lasting purpose).

Lori has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, & 500 various media outlets per year. She has authored several Best -Selling books; including co-authoring a Best-Selling book with Kevin Harrington, the original Shark of the hit TV show, Shark Tank and Pioneer of "As seen on TV." Lori works with organizations globally to support literacy, cancer research, young entrepreneurship, and military support programs. She was an invited guest at the National Celebration of Reading in Washington D.C where she helped raise over Three (3) Million Dollars for Literacy and was recently awarded the Lifetime Presidential Service Award for her long-term success in working with communities Nationally.

Most recently, Lori was selected as one of the official featured speakers for the Think & Grow Rich World Tour.


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