Coaches’ coach, Mandy Bass runs Priority Living Systems, a training and coaching company she founded in in 1996.  As one of the first female success coaches' in the country, she is a sought after speaker and consultant to entrepreneurs and professionals across the country.

Before publication of her recent book, Taming the Tokolosh, and her subsequent work on forgiveness, Mandy Bass was known for working with small business owners who wanted to grow their business, reduce work hours and lead more quality lives.

Mandy believes that we live life from the inside out. As a result, her business group programs are as much as about developing one's inner resources as they are about marketing and strategy.

She began her journey into meditation and the mysteries of the mind in the early nineties, becoming a student and then a teacher of the Silva Method. But her quest did not stop there. She acquired her certification to teach hypnosis, NLP and other modalities that could help people more easily rise up and through the storms of their lives.