World Civility Ambassador, Raymond Harlall, is a speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, philanthropist who uses relationship capital to bridge the gap between, governments, non-government organizations, and local at-risk community leaders to empower young entrepreneurs in developing countries with his global initiative called iEmpower Entrepreneurs™.

Raymond is a Contributor to “The Handbook to Holistic Health H3 – A Self-help Guide to Live HAPPY, HEALTHY and WEALTHY” and a recipient of the 2018 Global Authors Award. Raymond speaks globally sharing stages with renowned speakers like Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, and Jack Canfield.

He’s president of Local Experts Group, a Canadian company publishing collaborative non-fiction books, the founder of Canada Book Club creating a platform to promote authors, and producer of The Power of Collaboration, an annual world-class business and professional summit in Toronto, Canada.

He helps people brand themselves as experts using his AUTHORity™ program.  Raymond does keynote speeches globally on “How to Build Your Credibility” by being a published author, a professional speaker, and a sought-after mentor.

As a YouTuber with 2.2 million+ views in 224 countries, Raymond teaches “How to Become More Visible” through effective Video Marketing.

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