Building a company with a foundation in personal growth and health was a natural choice for Robin Hoffman Haack. Born into a family of entrepreneurs and world-class athletes, Robin has reached for the stars for both health and business success. The Hoffman family business is its 95th year, and every single generation of the Hoffman family has reached elite levels in the sports of surfing, swimming or horseback riding. Robin and her husband are both members of the National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame, and their roots in the competition have helped shape their lives and company today. Robin’s drive and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as her lifelong dedication to overall health and well-being, led her to create Clar8ty.

Clar8ty is the result of one big dream and the culmination of Robin’s diverse life experiences in business and sports. Robin embarked on a mission to launch an innovative company offering healthier solutions for today’s fast-pace lifestyles all while offering a financial opportunity that appeals to every-day families seeking greater financial freedom. Clar8ty is the product of her dream, and has become far more than a nutritional company. It’s a company dedicated to providing others with a path toward achieving their highest aspirations in all areas of life.