Steven Samblis created and compiled 1 Habit™ by bringing together 100 incredible "Happy Achievers".

He is also the founder and CEO of Envision Media Partners,  Founder of Envision VR & Envision Media Press and Cinema Buzz.

Steve began his business life as a stockbroker, ranking among the top 50 rookie brokers at one of America's largest firms. During that time, he has worked with Congress defending shareholder's rights.

In 1990, Steve founded "The Reason For My Success," a company that sold self-improvement programs. As the company grew, it expanded into the production of audio and video programs.

In 2008 Steve took his love for movies and turned it into a business. Steve created "Cinema Buzz" and became one of a handful of people that work with the major studios to interview Hollywood's biggest actors on camera before their blockbusters movies hit theaters. From 2008 to 2015, Steve has interviewed close to 1000 actors on camera.

His company, Envision Media Partners, was founded with the mission "To Empower and inspire people to become Happy Achievers." It does this by producing Positive Media and distributing it across Virtual Reality, Digital, OTT, and Print Distribution platforms.

To take control of the publishing of the 1 Habit book series, Steve created Envision Media Press, a division of Envision Media Partners.

It only took 9 months from the time Steve came up with the idea of 1 Habit to the time the book was published with 100 contributors and with international distribution.



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