Susan Sharp is an abstract artist, theatre professor, speaker, playwright and author who’s crazy about big ideas and dreams. For over 20 years, she has encouraged students and audiences to find and nurture their creativity. As an artist whose work has appeared in numerous galleries and on the set of Orange is the New Black, she speaks with people all the time who want to be more creative or live more creatively.

She founded www.asharpdifference.com as a platform to inspire creative work and big ideas for those in a rut. Through her workshops and keynote speaking, Susan wants to shake up the conventional notion of what it is to be happy, creative, and productive. Susan’s books, The Change 13th ed., Mid-Life Wisdom and Frotter Spires all share the message of believing in self to live a happier life. Growing up in rural Iowa, Susan has been irrevocably changed by the endless possibilities of wide open spaces.