What is a Happy Achiever™?

Let's start with a better question. "What are you trying to achieve in life?"

Think about this simple question. For me, this is the question that alluded me for years.

My entire life, I was focused on being a "High Achiever". Success was all I could think of. Throughout my own journey, I would go out of my way to meet respected leaders in business, culture, and social change to learn their secrets and apply them to my personal success. And that success, of course, was all measured in dollars.

But, as I set out to create the 1 Habit™ book, I learned something even more amazing. It turns out, my desire to achieve was on target, but I measured it all wrong—in dollars and cents.

No matter how much money I made, I wasn't as happy as I thought I'd be; there was always going to be someone making more.

Then one day it dawned on me, I needed to redefine my version of success. I realized that money is no longer the right measurement of success. Money, in fact, is how others measure me. Why should I give them this power?

I soon realized that happiness is how I wanted to be measured. Happiness combined with successes across all plains. Happiness in relationships, in creativity, in my health. I realized most importantly, that you could be hugely successful in running a company that changes the world and at the same time, be happy.

I even took a hard look at my heroes and sadly had to cross a lot of them off my list. So many of them were hugely successful and extraordinarily unhappy, even tortured individuals. As I looked closer, they seemed more focused on world domination than any happiness for themselves or the people that worked with them.

Through all of this, I realize that my happiness is actually in my control. And that's when it all came together, I would rather be a "Happy Achiever™" than a "High Achiever." I want to value the time with my family, my friends, my hobbies, exploring the world, and realizing my passions and dreams.

That is a "Happy Achiever™". A person that performs at the highest level of achievement with that beautiful balance that brings joy to themselves and those around them.

When I searched for the contributors for 1 Habit™, unbeknownst to them, I search through thousands of "High Achievers" to find the ones that lived as true "Happy Achievers™".

This is what really excites me. What if we took on the habits of these incredible "Happy Achievers™", what kind of world could we create?

The possibilities are endless.

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