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Make your birthday suit the sexiest outfit you own.

100% Dedication is the formula for success but it is not the formula for happiness along the journey. The 80/20 rule works for BOTH success and fulfillment. You can plan for 80%, and 20% Life Just Happens.

Amber Riley
I am a body image sculptor; your Look Good Naked Coach. As a speaker, author, coach, and community leader, my passion is expressed as a mindset coach and fitness expert. I am empowering people to design and live the life of their dreams "their way." My expertise stems from a combination of over 20 years of academic, professional, and personal experience in clinical therapy, personal training, and nutrition. I've earned a black belt in life through failures and successes and I know what truly gets results people yearn for. I teach a unique and individually tailored plan of physical, mental, and emotional skills. I provide routines, knowledge, and all the tools that promote maximum potential for success. All designed to ensure my clients genuinely falll in love with their naked image staring back at them in the mirror. I most prestigious awards come from empowered women over 40 when they tell ne their birthday suit is the sexiest outfit they own!