Amber Ybarra

Best Selling Author, Podcast Host of The Positive Platform, Confidence & High Performance Coach
I help women reinvent themselves through building Confidence & High Performance habits for their life and business.

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Entrepreneur. Best Selling Author. Podcast Host. Confidence Coach.

"The best way to tap into your greatness, is to acquire positive habits"

Amber Ybarra
Amber has been a woman in business for over 7 years. From being a signed model, traveling the world, she planted roots back in her home state of Texas to start and run a successful Construction company. 3.5 years into this, Amber went on a self-development journey that inspired her to help other women in business who were searching for the things she delved into herself. Now, as a certified coach in the science of psychology and high performance, Amber's goal is to help women in business reinvent themselves and discover their 4.0 version through these practices, learned skills and knowledge.