Amy Grussing

The Essential Oils Stress Buster / Doterra Wellness Advocate
I empower people with natural solutions to help you find hope, freedom, and restoration.

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I am known as The Essential Oils Stress Buster

Fear and control are a self imposed prison. Letting go and surrendering brings you freedom and grace!

Amy Grussing
Amy Grussing is known as The Essential Oils Stress Buster. She did not manage stress well - which caused her much pain in life: an autoimmune disorder, as well as physical and emotional. Amy persevered through these many trials - including 5 years of severe sicknesses with her son. As she was introduced to the power of pure therapeutic grade essential oils and learned to use them, the transformation in her, her son, and her family was profound. She now continually shares the benefits of these oils and brings together compassion, science, and testimonials of lives changed. What she loves most about what she does is seeing lives transformed and people living their best life.