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The Empower Her Power Community eliminates the feeling of being alone in your emotions & experiences. No one wants to feel like she is the only one. We are a group of women here to validate you and what you are living through. We offer mentorship, friendship, encouragement & courses to empower you

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1 Habit to Thrive in a Post – Covid World

After we pass through the devastation of the Covid Pandemic, the World will be a new place in many ways. To thrive in that new World will require forward-thinking and new Habits to put you back on track to a successful future. We reached out to 100 of our best-selling 1 Habit authors and asked them to envision what that World will look like and what Habits people can instill in themselves to not only survive but to thrive like never before. This book will open your mind and heart to ways to create stability and launch your life back onto the success path you are destined for. The best part -- it all happens just 1 Habit at a time.


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Amy Morrison is a thriver of Emotional Abuse & Bipolar

“Self Care is how you take Your Power back”

Amy Morrison
Amy Morrison is an emotional abuse survivor of a term called Gaslighting & Narcissistic Abuse. From being instantly alone in not having friends to relate to, she created the “Empower Her Power” Show and Community, where women who have suffered in silence from domestic abuse, will have hope & healing with Women Mentors & friends who can relate who are now thriving. She is bringing awareness to this insidious abuse through this Community. Amy is a thriver of Bipolar. She searches for ways that help with symptoms and shares them with others with the same diagnosis.