Brittany May

Digital Strategist + Business Coach / Founder of Simply Happy Life
Time is the most valuable asset you have. I help CEOs, high-achievers and entrepreneurs create the right foundation and systems so they can leverage their skills, expand their impact and scale their business; all without sacrificing their quality time.

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1 Habit of the World’s Greatest Leaders

Leadership is such a huge topic right now as we need great leaders to steer the narrow paths that covid has created.

Everything starts with our Habits; therefore, it is safe to say that leaders must have the most effective Habits to lead others.

This book lays out the most important Habits used by some of the World's Greatest Leaders. All you need to do is take just 1 of these Habits and it can change your life forever.

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I Believe the Key to a Simply Happy Life is Financial AND Schedule Freedom.

When we start leveraging our knowledge, instead of our time, we open ourselves up to a world of new opportunities and freedom.

Brittany May
Brittany May is a girl mom of two, a military spouse and runs two businesses on part time hours from her home wherever the Army send them. After running her first seven-figure business the wrong way (and having it take over her life) she is now passionate about helping CEO's and entrepreneurs how to work smarter and build scalable businesses. Brittany is a digital strategist and business coach focused on teaching how to create sustainable, automated systems that allow businesses to scale simply, have a larger impact on the world; and all without sacrificing their schedule freedom. Her goal is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible achieve their own simply happy life!