Charlson Gaines

International Speaker/Author/Consultant/Founder KOPE Life Coaching
I will empower you to love yourself and feel whole again. I've created a unique infusion of emotional intelligence, resilience and neuroscience to train you to maximize your life. Contact me now to take action.

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I empower people to love themselves and feel whole again. You deserve to be happy.

When your confidence catches up to your skillset, you will be unstoppable.

Charlson Gaines
I am a thought leader, international speaker, emotional intelligence expert and disabled veteran. My credentials include Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach, Certified Trauma Professional, DoD-certified Master Resilience Trainer, with Master's Degrees in Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine and Business Project Management. I empower people to love themselves and feel whole again because when trauma strikes and pain takes hold, it often won't let go on its own, leaving us feeling unlovable and incomplete. I use my unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience to impact countless lives of people who know they deserve to be happy, but they just don't know how.