Jeanie Holzbacher

Creator of Outrageous Leadership Skills/Outrageous Communication Impact/Founder-HolzbacherEnterprises
I help overwhelmed, high-achievers apply simple and outrageously fun leadership skills that save time, decrease drama and navigate workplace politics with success.

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Helping overwhelmed high achievers obtain new levels of success with resources that combine IQ and EQ in a customized roadmap.

"Leadership outrageous adventure in seeing farther than others see, communicating that vision with such clarity that touches both the heart and head so that others want a ticket on the ride, and then empowering them to become more than they dreamed possible in pursuit of the vision." -Jeanie Holzbacher

Jeanie Holzbacher
Jeanie has spent over 20 years working with private and Fortune 500 companies, helping leaders combine IQ with EQ to develop strategies and growth plans that lead to new levels of success with improved processes and better teamwork. Healthy teams are the greatest competitive advantage any organization can have, and masterful soft skills executed with impeccable strategy translate into outrageously hard numbers to the financial bottom line.