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Women's Strength Advocate/ Mind Strength Coach / Author / Speaker and Powerlifter/Founder of the Global Standing in Strength Movement and the Strong and Mighty Company
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1 Habit to End Bullying

Bullying knows no barriers.

The dictionary states that the definition of resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness or the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

Resilience is needed in the case of bullying. It is true that bullying does not care whether you are a business executive, vice president of the United States, a diplomat of a foreign country, the cashier at a checkout counter, a high school baseball coach, Junior High School student or homeless person. There are people across all walks of life that have been affected by this poison.

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Cry in Strength, Instead of Struggle. - Laarni Mulvey, the Power Lady.

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Laarni Mulvey
Filipino American Women's Strength Advocate, Mind Strength Coach, Author, Speaker and Powerlifter, Laarni Mulvey, is the Founder of the Global Standing in Strength Movement and the Strong and Mighty Company. Her personal experiences fueled her power that allowed her to channel her voice to focus on encouraging women to harness their own unique power and strength. Her message is to educate the world on the views of women and to champion them to know they are stronger than they think they are. Known as ‘The Power Lady’ she encourages and leads women to honor themselves, and build a powerful legacy for future generations. She is launching the Global Women’s Strength Initiative to provide resources to women and girls to understand all realms of strength.