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I help empower spiritual seekers to get out of confusion, share their Light with the World, and enjoy tremendous success.

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1 Habit ™ For Entrepreneurial Success – International #1 Best Seller

What separates struggling small business owners from the powerfully rich? CEO's who seems to have everything working in their favor. They both embody Entrepreneurial Spirits, but one has superior HABITS. Little shifts from mindset to management skills can create stronger leadership, increased revenue, and ultimately serve a bigger impact.

To achieve unimaginable business success and financial wealth, you have to change your Habits to reach the upper echelons of Entrepreneurship.
You must develop a Positive Habitual Entrepreneur Mindset, a way of thinking that comes from learning the best Entrepreneurs' vital lessons.

1 Habit™ for Entrepreneurial Success brought together some of the greatest Entrepreneurial Minds on the Planet and asked them each two simple questions. What is the 1 Habit that has had the most significant impact on your life? What was the 1 un-Habit you needed to get rid of to clear your pathway to success? This book is the result, and the Magic is all you need is 1 Habit to change your life Forever!


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Master of Awakening Lisa Long - We help spiritual seekers become conscious and aligned with their Source, awaken their unique gifts, talents, and desires, fall in love with themselves, and create a successful life they love with simple, clear tools and training.

Habits are habitual thoughts that create your reality. Become conscious of what you are creating and create what you desire.

Lisa Long
As a master who chose an abusive childhood, Lisa transcended those levels and vowed to make it easier for others to spare them years of suffering. Lisa Long has worked remotely with clients in the White House Press Room, United Nations, the FBI, Air Force Two. Her mission is to bring awakening concepts to the world thru her extensive work. Lisa teaches Enlightenment, Longevity, and Prosperity.