Luana Sandoval

Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, Actress, Queen of Network, Best Selling Author, Coach
Luana Sandoval, known as the Queen of Network, has built relationships out of thin air with industry people in the film and music industry. In fact, she has written a song with Madonna's former guitarist and percussionist Miroca Paris and has worked on set with Bruce Willis.

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When Luana Sandoval was born... she sang herself into people's hearts. Spiritual. Sensual. Strategic

Go after your dreams and do it on purpose.

Luana Sandoval
As a high caliber in the songwriting and commercial world, Luana Sandoval has produced records with Ethan James, KingCharlie Prince, Miroca Paris and has worked on set with Paris Hilton, Julia Stiles, Zuleyka Rivera and Bruce Willis. In November 2020, Luana auditioned for American Idol Season 19 in Ojai, California with a pop/opera version of the song Frozen by Madonna. Today she is mentoring people, just like you to understand the two keys of her success, which are turning thoughts into songs and making an impact in people’s lives. Luana grew up in a small village in southern Germany as a biracial girl with no friends and who was bullied for being different. Her pain has led to a lifelong passion as a singer-songwriter and made her move to Nashville where she touches people’s hearts with her voice. Her mission is to help people build confidence and align body, mind and soul through exercises in voice, songwriting and oriental dance. What she loves most about what she does is when her students implement what she is teaching and get results. When she is not working she is working out, does oriental dance or horseback riding. The best way to reach her is by visiting her official website