Lynn Marysh

Author of Life is Today & Visualization Made Easy / Founder - Mary SH Coaching & Consulting Inc.
Ever had a time where you didn't know what your next move will be? I will have you shift your perspective to clearly see it so you - don't stay stuck.

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Lynn Marysh
All of my professional working career I've worked in Corporate. I've travelled the North American continent; training, facilitating, and coaching employees on company systems. Evaluating processes and working with Information and Technology and Operations - Fixing, enhancing and developing new add-ons to simplify employees day to day tasks. My work had me coach, mentor and consult where needed. But I never got as much satisfaction from my work as I did when I became an Entrepreneur a couple of years ago when I was retired from my last corporate job. Now I'm pursuing my passion - helping others pursue their passion.