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Architect of The Warrior's L.I.F.E. Code Coaching
Hi, my name is Martin Salama I’m known as the Architect of The Warriors L.I.F.E. Code. I specialize in helping people frustrated in their life quickly shift their mindset to UNCOVER their greatness so they can live their true potential and enjoy LIFE! The key to my success is, I’ve mastered the ability to Live Incredibly Full Everyday! Which I turned into the acronym LIFE and created the Warriors L.I.F.E. Code coaching program.

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1 Habit to Thrive in a Post – Covid World

After we pass through the devastation of the Covid Pandemic, the World will be a new place in many ways. To thrive in that new World will require forward-thinking and new Habits to put you back on track to a successful future. We reached out to 100 of our best-selling 1 Habit authors and asked them to envision what that World will look like and what Habits people can instill in themselves to not only survive but to thrive like never before. This book will open your mind and heart to ways to create stability and launch your life back onto the success path you are destined for. The best part -- it all happens just 1 Habit at a time.


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Positive habits are the key to transforming your life and bringing you greater success.

Martin Salama


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