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#1 Bestselling Author/CEO and Creative Director of Master Habits - Executive at CashFX and The Bright Light Fund
Imagine a world where your lifestyle is like living a Spa day mixed with Vitality Strength and Elation and kindnesses. The pivoted Optimized system!

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Wisdom, strength, Grace and Kindness. Here to help you Shine!

Habits are not arbitrary they are the building blocks of your legacy

Michele Drake
Michele Drake is an Age Reversal specialist - She is a sought after expert in Alternative Health & Fitness for over 30 years and a true teacher and nurturer. She gets excited by helping others rise in energy and vitality in the present - not the near off future. Her Master Habits Systems cover 8 pillars of life and optimize each - as well as helping many achieve automatic wealth with the CashFX platform as an Executive and started The Bright Light Fund to help others in need which warms her heart. Massive Sharing and Caring.