Russian Quantum Energy Healer/ Founder of The Return/International bestselling author
My name is Olga Brooks and I am the Quantum Energy Healer. I create instant release and changes in people’s lives by removing all negative energetic influences from their energy field. Through the Sound Reiki Healing and other energy alignment techniques. I teach you how to stay sovereign and protected in your own high energy state. Imagine a life where things just flow for you in your business, relationships and in your health. We have been taught many things at home and at school. But not how to recognize negative energetic interferences in our lives. We live for years with the aftereffects of it getting stuck in business, attracting wrong relationships, repeating the cycles where we have been before, blaming others and ourselves for doing it over and over again. I help you to break those patterns and events. I realign your soul child with your adult self to restore the balance within, healing from the effects of childhood traumatic events. To bring freedom within.

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Quantum Energy Healer

Balance is an essence of harmony. And only in harmony you will find true happiness.

Olga Brooks is the Russian Quantum Energy Healer. She is twice an international bestselling author and the founder of The Return. One of the global leaders of the Women of contribution movement. She is helping women to restore balance and create wholeness within. Olga’s mission is to restore femininity to it’s essence. Through sound and energies work that she has mastered, Olga is helping to shift women’s inner world, creating health and emotional stability. She is a founding partner at the Coach Talk Cafe and a future speaker at The Mentor Studio. By writing books, articles, providing healing sessions, Olga teaches women the sacredness and value of their feminine essence. She is on a mission to restore femininity to it’s wholeness. And her new message to the world on the value of women and femininity is “ It’s time to redefine the language of equality.” Being a mother of two boys she knows how important for them to learn to love and respect women for the value they bring into this world.