Rathi Pragasam

Businesswoman / Lawyer / Stock Trader / Political Campaigner / Rapport Specialist / #1 Best-selling Author
My mission is to quell the myth that a Jack of all trades is a master of none. When you are ready to level up your life reach out to meet the "Jack-queline" of all trades, the Diversification Diva, as I am living proof that anyone can do it all and shine at it all too!

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The Diversification Diva

"The only things you truly own are your thoughts and experiences. Let the former lead to the latter."

Rathi Pragasam
With solid knowledge and experience, I've expanded my businesses successfully to form my holding company. With ten years of legal work under my belt, I ventured into stock trading (spread betting being my forte) and now possess knowledge which an industry expert deemed to be in the top 1%. My political involvement garners regular interviews from the BBC, and I've even been sought after as a candidate by opposing parties. Using my extensive public speaking and NLP experience, I coach people into establishing solid rapport. When I am not working, I am weightlifting at the gym with my personal best being 82 kg deadlift or I am singing (often off-pitch!)