Samantha Hawes

Co-Founder of a New & Very Small Sustainable Slow Fashion Brand (Emeresia)
Inspiring people to work on self-love and self-confidence through my voice and small sustainable fashion business (upcycling old denim jeans with beautiful handmade batik scraps). Spreading the message that anyone can actively rewrite their story if they aren't happy with it (just like the way their jeans have been rewritten for them!)

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1 Habit of the World’s Greatest Leaders

Leadership is such a huge topic right now as we need great leaders to steer the narrow paths that covid has created.

Everything starts with our Habits; therefore, it is safe to say that leaders must have the most effective Habits to lead others.

This book lays out the most important Habits used by some of the World's Greatest Leaders. All you need to do is take just 1 of these Habits and it can change your life forever.

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Help yourself first before helping anyone and everyone else.

Samantha Hawes
As a young girl, Samantha has always wanted to help everyone and anyone. She held several leadership roles when she was 17 years old, but the one that made an impact on her today was a project initiative she started with two of her friends. They wanted to fundraise $8000 for a non-for-profit charity that provided free cataract surgeries for Indonesians unable to afford the private costs of one. They achieved their goal while being able to record and tell the story of a Balinese woman who went through the surgery. It was a test in her ability to lead and to block out negative doubts from some of the closest people in her life or from people she looked up to. Samantha and her two friends were awarded the Round Square Kurt Hahn Prize in 2017, with the opportunity to speak to passionate students all over the world in Cape Town, South Africa. It wasn't the award that impacted her, there was a much deeper story under the surface. Beyond the award, she was experiencing the lowest point of her life so far. She's grateful for the experience because it has given her the perspective that no matter how successful you think people are, you should always be careful with your assumptions of them. You don’t know what might be going on in their personal life. This perspective, coupled with an event that happened last year, was when she first started her self-love and self-confidence journey. Now, she is here in the hopes of inspiring as many people as possible by working on becoming the best version of themselves so that they can achieve any goal they want.