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#1 Bestselling Author and Business Strategist
I'm known as the "Time to Climb" business strategist because I help struggling entrepreneurs climb to new heights in business.

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1 Habit to Thrive in a Post – Covid World

After we pass through the devastation of the Covid Pandemic, the World will be a new place in many ways. To thrive in that new World will require forward-thinking and new Habits to put you back on track to a successful future. We reached out to 100 of our best-selling 1 Habit authors and asked them to envision what that World will look like and what Habits people can instill in themselves to not only survive but to thrive like never before. This book will open your mind and heart to ways to create stability and launch your life back onto the success path you are destined for. The best part -- it all happens just 1 Habit at a time.


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Bestselling Author and Business Strategist

Don’t look for the easy way out – look for the opportunities, and when it’s your turn – stand up and take it!

Sheila Farr
Sheila Farr is an eternal optimist! After 20 years of building and managing million-dollar businesses for others, she stepped out and started her own business in 2017. Now, she’s the CEO of Gulf Coast Training & Education Services, LLC, in Biloxi, Mississippi, where she helps individuals and small businesses overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Sheila is a 2-time best-selling author of “Trailblazers Who Lead” and “Courageous Enough to Launch,” where she shares strategies and tools to help people propel their careers to a new level. Sheila serves her community as a Board member for Lighthouse Business and Professional Women, Mississippi Heroes , and the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. She’s a cheerleader for others, inspires and motivates people through her blog, “Thankful and Blessed 365,” and is the founder of “Biloxi Reads!,” a literacy initiative along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.