Sherri Leopold

TV Show Host, National Speaker, Best Selling Author, Mentor and Le-Vel 200K VIP Promoter
As a child who grew up around domestic violence, I was almost 12 years old before I understood I had a powerful voice. I learned I could create my own destiny and teach others to do the same through the power of thought. As the Leader of the Stop Self-Bullying Movement, a highly successful network marketer, and professional speaker, I mentor people through a series of techniques that curbs destructive self-talk and live as the unrepeatable miracle that they were born to be.

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1 Habit to Thrive in a Post – Covid World

After we pass through the devastation of the Covid Pandemic, the World will be a new place in many ways. To thrive in that new World will require forward-thinking and new Habits to put you back on track to a successful future. We reached out to 100 of our best-selling 1 Habit authors and asked them to envision what that World will look like and what Habits people can instill in themselves to not only survive but to thrive like never before. This book will open your mind and heart to ways to create stability and launch your life back onto the success path you are destined for. The best part -- it all happens just 1 Habit at a time.


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1 Habit ™ For Entrepreneurial Success – International #1 Best Seller

What separates struggling small business owners from the powerfully rich? CEO's who seems to have everything working in their favor. They both embody Entrepreneurial Spirits, but one has superior HABITS. Little shifts from mindset to management skills can create stronger leadership, increased revenue, and ultimately serve a bigger impact.

To achieve unimaginable business success and financial wealth, you have to change your Habits to reach the upper echelons of Entrepreneurship.
You must develop a Positive Habitual Entrepreneur Mindset, a way of thinking that comes from learning the best Entrepreneurs' vital lessons.

1 Habit™ for Entrepreneurial Success brought together some of the greatest Entrepreneurial Minds on the Planet and asked them each two simple questions. What is the 1 Habit that has had the most significant impact on your life? What was the 1 un-Habit you needed to get rid of to clear your pathway to success? This book is the result, and the Magic is all you need is 1 Habit to change your life Forever!


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My vision is to create a world in which no one EVER feels insignifigant.

God opens doors for those who hold the door open for others!

Sherri Leopold
Sherri Leopold is the CEO of Dream Big, Mentor, Professional Speaker and Leader of the Stop Self-Bullying Movement and bestselling author. she is the Host of Outside the Box with Sherri Leopold airing on ISheTV. She has mastery in speaking, mentoring and team building. She transforms your life physically, financially, and helps you create the life you deserve! She will inspire you given the chance. You may contact her through her website at