Sherry Angelique Capet

Executive Business Strategist | International Business Consultant | Motivational Speaker | Mentor | Dancer
Sherry Angelique Capet, known as the Executive Business Strategist, creates strategies, implements systems and builds the structures every business needs to kick it up to that next level while helping executives and entrepreneurs create personal and professional success.

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There will always be people who live by the rules and those who create their own. Which one are you?

My life is a dance and my accomplishments are the performances.

Sherry Angelique Capet
As a young single mother who overcame domestic violence, homelessness, cancer and losing her fiancé to suicide, Sherry was feeling defeated but, decided nothing was going to break her. She has said, "I'm always asked how am I still here and every time I have felt defeated, I look at it like this is just something on my journey, something that is going to make me stronger and I am too resilient to let anything stop me." She needed something where she could be at home to take care of her son and be financially stable. She didn't want to miss a moment of her son growing up, those moments we all say we wish we could have seen. In doing so, she mastered her craft and started growing a successful virtual business. Today she teaches others these skills, inspires them to never give up, that there is always hope and everyone deserves to live their best life.