Tiffiny Roper

Design Your Ideal Career CEO and Career Coach
I am the go to Career Coach for Business professionals wanting their ideal career they've designed, or help in landing their ideal job, or to start their own business. I truly care about my clients and believe in their success and hold the space for them to also believe in themselves. I help my clients get the customized results they want in order to have the ideal career they designed to reach their professional goals. My mission is to inspire professionals to land their ideal job, to ignite their career, and to start their ideal business so they can live the life of their dreams.

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Land Your Ideal Job, Ignite Your Ideal Career, Start Your Ideal Business

You are your best advocate. Learn to believe in yourself and build your skillset and you never have to defend your value another day. You will instead be the leader that has an ideal career and lives up to your full potential. Have a life you designed and a future you own.

Tiffiny Roper
I am an extremely passionate, driven professional interested in advocating for my clients and optimizing their return on investment when working with me as their Career Coach. I have over 20 years experience in the corporate world and have pivoted to running my own business so I can own my future and help you do the same. I excel at building strong relationships with those that will push me to the next level as I continue to grow as a person and I show my clients how to get to their next level in business. I empower professionals to work at their peak levels in ambiguous and complex situations so they can have their ideal career by design. I care about my clients and believe in their success and growth. I am strategic and innovative at serving my clients to increase their value and their employer satisfaction in their performance so they will climb the corporate ladder as quickly as they’d like. I am focused on my clients’ key performance indicators to elevate their brand while showing them how to market themselves in the corporate world and online to move the needle and get to that next level of their career.