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When you become a contributor to a 1 Habit book you become part of something much greater

Even if you have never written a book before, the simple 1 Habit process lets you add your chapter in less than an hour. You pick the upcoming 1 Habit subject that best fits you and we walk you through the process, step by step bringing your thoughts and vision to the book. The best part. when the book you are in becomes a Best-Seller, you are now and forever a Best Selling author. That is a status that can open doors.

It's Go time - it's Your time
It's time to become the AUTHOR-ity in your field
  • Instant credibility

    Being an Author gives you instant credibility

  • Stand Out!

    Separate yourself from the 95% who dream of success to the top 5% who actually achieve it

  • Change Your Life

    The time and money investment of being a published Author will literally change your life for the better

  • Leverage

    You can leverage being a published Author in to speaking gigs and coaching services

  • Simple Process

    Steven Samblis created the most simple, time tested blueprint for success in the publishing industry and applies it to your success, one book at a time.

The Tools to Become a Successful Author
We do the work - Creating Ads, Landing Pages, Marketing Campaigns - All to give you the visibility to grow
1 Stop Author Page
A professionally designed location linking all your essential Social Media, Products & Services together
Tap Into Your Community
Best Selling Authors, Award-Winning Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders & World Changers
Social Media Ads
On the day your book is launched, join your fellow contributors in posting your ad to Social Media

International Distribution

Distribution in over 39,000+ retail and library partners, both bricks and mortar and online!

International Press Release

We annouce you to the world in a custom Press Release featuring you and your story.

Best Selling Author Status is a Game-Changer

Every book published by 1 Habit Press has been a best seller!

And so much more!

I really appreciate this book, the concept of bringing other artists and success stories together, to present this idea of 1 Habit. As a contributing author, it was a wonderful process to be involved in.

Jason Hewlett - CSP, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame, Author and Leadership Expert 
Join Other 1 Habit Contributors
Some of most successful people on the planet are Contributors to 1 Habit books.
Frank Shankwitz
Founder of the Make–A–Wish Foundation
Dr. Greg Reid
Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and Bestselling Author
Sharon Lechter
New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of Rich dad poor dad
Hal Elrod
Author of one of the highest rated books in the world, The Miracle Morning
Jim Cathcart
Golden Gavel Award Winner, Cavett Award Winner, Author, NSA Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Top 1% TEDx
Forbes Riley
Celebrity TV Host, "Queen of the Pitch", 2.5 billion in on-air sales, and Creator of SpinGym
Sir John Shin
Author, Speaker, Philanthropist, Producer of Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy
Mark Tufo
International Bestselling Author of the Zombie Fallout book series
Craig Titley
Executive Producer and Writer on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Motivation is what gets you started. It is your Habits that lead you to greatness.

Steven Samblis - Creator of 1 Habit

What we want from you

Please read this
Pay it forward

The cost to participate in this book is $450 and with that investment, you get 6 copies of the book.  But these are not meant to sit on a shelf.

We launch each 1 Habit book with a Pay-It-Forward month.  This gets every 1 Habit Contributor involved in the conversation about the books they are in. This is how we harness the power of this incredible group of people that have come together to create the 1 Habit series.

Here is how it works...

When you receive your six copies on the launch day, you give away 5 of the copies to your closest friends. These are the people in your life that you love and care about — by investing in these people you can change their lives forever.

Spread happiness. Please take a photo of each friend holding the book and post this to our 1 Habit Facebook page.

By placing hundreds of books in people's hands, we harness the power of us and kickstart a grassroots conversation about the book and the power of Habits. This is how we begin to change the World 1 person at a time.

If you are willing to be a part of something amazing, fill out and submit the form below and let's create something great together!

Ready to get started on your path to literary success?
This is what the process will looks like

Step 1 - Fill out the Future Contributor Details Form

Fill out the form below. Tell the story of who you are and who you would like to help.

Step 2 - Within 24 Hours a 1 Habit Editor Will Respond to You

Within 24 hours, a 1 Habit Editor will personally write back to you and let you know if you are accepted. If you are, you will be given a link to follow to submit to your first 1 Habit book.

Step 3 - It begins

You will receive a link to your first 1 Habit submission form. In this form is everything you need for your first chapter submission. Next, you will be added to the private 1 Habit Contributor's group. Here you interact with some of the most successful people on the planet who are also 1 Habit Contributors. This is just the beginning.