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As a leading Professional Speaker & Success Coach ERIK SWANSON has been making a huge name for himself in assisting people throughout the U.S., Canada & Europe overachieve specific goals in business as well as their personal lives. He is in great demand, speaking on average to more than 50,000 people per year in various industries and careers, he is both versatile in his approach and effective in facilitating a wide array of training topics.

Companies, associations, and Universities always look forward to having him speak to their team because as an outside authority he can reinforce key messages that team leaders and managers have been trying to communicate all along.

My Books

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1 Habit: 100 Habits from the World’s Happiest Achievers – Paperback

You know the joy you feel when you are so passionate about your “why” that you can’t wait to wake up and jump right into life? That motivation will get you started, but to be able to follow through, you need the Habits that will help you place one foot in front of the other when things get tough.

Author, Steve Samblis spent years searching the world for the most successful people on the planet. He got to know them and asked them each “What was the one most crucial habit in your life that has made the most significant impact on your success.” He then took these 100 Habits and put them into a book called 1 Habit.

Not only does the 1 Habit contain the Habits, but it also teaches you how to make a Habit part of who you are. Make it part of your being. Once instilled in you, the Habits becomes something you just automatically now do, and that automates your pathway to success.

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Habitude Warrior’s Crush and Dominate: 13 Strategies to Piss Off Your Competitors

#1 bestseller on Amazon in THREE categories, including Entrepreneurship & Marketing for Small Business, Small Business Advertising, and Education Workbooks.

Mr. Swanson’s raw nature in this book reveals his 13 top secret strategies to beat your competitors to the punch while winning your prospect’s and client’s business. Stop allowing others to pass you by! Harness the secrets of a true Habitude Warrior!

Erik Swanson, or as many people refer to him as “Mr. Awesome,” is an award-winning international keynote speaker and success coach, as well as a bestselling author. He travels the world assisting corporations, business owners, and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by crushing and dominating their competition. This is his 5th book in the Habitude Warrior Series (Other titles are: Secret Habitudes, Sales Habitudes, Time Habitudes, and Social Millions).

“Erik Swanson has such a unique way of teaching the steps to success. Even if you believe you’re at the top of your game already, Erik will help you raise the bar even higher!” -Ruben Gonzalez, Four-Time Olympian, Speaker, Author

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Time Habitude Warriors: Principles to Master Your Time Habits

Time Management seems to be one of the biggest issues for busy entrepreneurs. It causes so much stress in our lives, careers, and in overall sales. In Time Habitude Warriors: Principles to Master Your Time Habits, Mr. Erik Swanson will teach you some “Time Habitude Warrior’s” techniques to build your success. What TO DO and what ‘NOT’ TO DO in managing your time throughout each and every day. The first portion of the book is devoted to ‘TO DO LISTS’ for success. The second portion of the book is devoted to ‘NOT TO DO LISTS’ for success.
Learn What ‘To Do’:

  • Organization Skills
  • Setting Priorities
  • Managing Events
  • How to Social Media
  • Time Blocking Systems

    And What ‘Not To Do’

  • Time Wasters
  • Don’t get overwhelmed
  • Wasting Away on Social Media
  • Not To-Do Lists
  • Learn to Say No

“Apply the HABITUDE WARRIOR Mindset and watch your habits and relationships change rapidly.” – Brian Tracy – Bestselling Author/Speaker
“Erik has done it again! Habits & Attitudes combined to enhance life efficiency and effectiveness …Absolutely! Time Habitude Warriors is the book to read to leverage the gift of 24/7 to create and foster that BIG life we all want. Awesome!” – David Corbin -Bestselling Author & Mentor to the Mentors
“Success is an art and science that can be taught and learned. Not only is Erik an excellent trainer, but his methods work in the real world with real people, right now! Get this book and apply what’s inside and watch your sales soar!” – John Assaraf – New York Times Bestselling Author “The Secret” and “The Answer” and “Having it All”


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Social Millions: Social Media, Marketing & Branding

Meet Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson. Erik Swanson, or as many people refer to him as “Mr. Awesome”, is an award winning International Keynote Speaker and Success Coach as well as a Best-Selling Author. He travels the world assisting people to grow their businesses as well as their personal lives to new heights. This is his 4th book in his Habitude Warrior series (Other titles are: Secret Habitudes, Sales Habitudes, and Time Habitudes). After much frustration in handling his own social media efforts, Mr. Swanson simply decided to become one of the top experts in the field by learning and applying what other experts in the world were utilizing with such great results. If you are frustrated, you are not alone. Many business owners and entrepreneurs feel the stress in this area of their businesses. Mr. Swanson is here to help you right away in giving you real life and tangible techniques to build your social media, marketing, and branding platforms. Allow him to show you what the latest trends are!
“In the journey of success, you come across some amazing people who stand out of the crowd. Erik Swanson is one of those people! His Habitude Warrior book series is jammed packed with sales & life techniques to increase your income immediately! I highly recommend it. It’s no wonder why we all call him Mr. Awesome!”
-Loral Langemeier – N.Y. Times Best Selling Author & Speaker
“Do you want to build your online presence in a major way? Look no further! Social Millions will help you do exactly that!”
– Claudia Soul – The Clarity Doctor

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Junior Habitude Warriors: Guide to Building Confidence, Leadership & Personal Development

#1 national bestseller on Amazon in TWO categories, including Philosophy and Social Issues, and #1 international bestseller in Teen Health.

We all must have 3 major skills to be successful in life: Confidence, Leadership, and Personal Development. Erik Swanson, or as many people refer to him as “Mr. Awesome,” teaches the youth about confidence, leadership and the secrets to success. This book is designed for both parent and child to work through together as a blueprint for success.Enjoy the stories, lessons, and teachings by our Junior Habitude Warrior Experts and enjoy an amazing and fruitful future with your children.

Junior Habitude Warriors is written by Erik Swanson and The Junior Habitude Warrior Expert Contributing Co-Authors:

  • Larayne Glidewell,
  • Joshua Evans,
  • Jason Freeman,
  • Jenya Carter,
  • Melisa Hall,
  • Sharon Lechter,
  • Steve Beckles-Ebusua,
  • Scott Sorrell,
  • Dali Melo,
  • Ryan Lowe,
  • Stacey Ellen,
  • Justin Renner,
  • Eric Lassard,
  • Chris Warner,
  • Logan Langemeier.

“If you are looking for a place for your children to learn the secrets of success to build upon their future, then look no further. Junior Habitude Warriors is the place to send them!” – Claudia Soul, The Clarity Doctor

“Sign your children up for this program, and you will thank me!” – Michael Contello, Father

“As a Mom, my absolute #1 priority are my children. I’m so glad there are associations like the Junior Habitude Warriors! They teach our children the importance of courage, confidence, and leadership.” – Roxie Albritton Lansford, Mother

“As a teacher and mentor, I know the value and importance for our youth to learn and build the best habits of success at an early age. The Junior Habitude Warriors program does exactly that! Thank you!” – Larayne Glidewell, Mentor

“One of the best decisions I had made was to bring my teen to learn at the Junior Habitude Warrior Conference.” – Johnny Morney Jr., Father

Junior Habitude Warrior Conferences.

Created and developed by Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson and his team of experts, the Junior Habitude Warrior Conference is a 1-day success camp geared towards kids ages 8 to 18 where we have our experts teach and coach throughout the day in these 3 categories: Confidence, Leadership & Personal Development. These are areas that schools, unfortunately, neglect to teach our kids these days.

To nominate a child to be considered, please apply at:

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Sales Habitude Warriors: Sales Strategies that Lead to YES!

#1 bestseller on Amazon inFIVE categories, including Small Business, Online Advertising, and Mentoring Coaching.

Learn the habits known to successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, and how to use them. Sales Habitude Warrior techniques help you breakthrough the sales ceiling and understand how sales are really made. Create money-making habits and learn how to keep them. Create a new awareness for Salespeople looking to have a roadmap and a system. Get a sales breakthrough and become a selling machine with the sales habits in this book.

In this book, Erik Swanson shows you how to:

  • Breakthrough the sales ceiling
  • Understand how sales are really made
  • Get clear and concise goals
  • Time event management
  • Referral building

Get your copy today and become a Sales Habit Warrior who creates sales strategies that lead to YES!

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Secret Habitude Warriors – 2nd edition Edition

#1 bestseller on Amazon in FOUR categories, including Marketing Sales Advertising, Marketing for Small Business, Small Business Advertising, and Educational Workbooks.

Become a master of your habits and attitudes!

Erik Swanson has been changing lives all over the world with his innovative approach and proven method to teach you how to systematically change your habits for the better. Erik has been delivering powerful training to corporations, associations, entrepreneurs, athletes, famous actors and business owners for the past 17 years. His training system teaches you the amazing habit of developing amazing habits.He brings you from where you are now, to where you really want to go in your life.

We are all habitual and he uses that to your advantage to move your growth curve. Change your habits, change your attitudes, change your life! Allow Mr. Swanson to show you how to harness and maintain better habits and amazing attitudes each and every day of your life.

Request to have Speaker, Trainer, Author, Motivator Success Coach Erik Swanson speak at your next event.

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