Gratitude – With Ken Jeong, Star of The Hangover Movies


I have learned so much over the past year creating the book 1 Habit. A lot of that knowledge came from my daily conversations with the 99 other Happy Achievers that contributed to the book.

People have asked me if there was a common thread amongst these incredible people and there was. At first, I did not see it because it is something that sits below the surface. Matter of fact it is so deep that its the core of these people. Without exception, every person in the book celebrates life with an incredible amount of Gratitude.

These people are grateful for their success, for the people they love and spend time with. They are grateful for the macro to the micro. The house they live in, to the sun on their faces. They are grateful to be able to inspire others and help them to create lives in which they can also live with Gratitude.

Of all the people I have talked to, the actor Ken Jeong is somebody that exudes Gratitude is the most beautiful way you will ever see.

I feel the core habit of finding and living with Gratitude every day of your life can be a game-changer.

Gratitude every day of your life can be a game-changer

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