Is Your Facebook News Feed Filled With Strangers?

Here is a simple 15 minute a day plan to fix that...


Back on February 3rd, 2020, I had a fascinating interaction with a person that I sent a friend request to. Shortly after I sent him a friend request, I received a DM from him.

This was the DM…

"Hey, awesomer! Thanks for sending your request to me. Tell me: How did you find me? But more important: How are you doing on this magnificent day? Love to hear from you!"

I responded, and he shared with me that he does not accept friend requests unless a person responds to his message. I love this idea. It requires a bit of effort, and you open with the connection of a conversation. I wish I would have thought of this a year ago. I would have a much more engaged group of friends here.

Taking this to the next level.. fixing your stranger list.

I began doing the same thing I found that the people that did not respond to me were people that would have filled up my News Feed and offered no value to me. In the process, I became protective of my News Feed. The problem was I already had 3,000 "friends" that I just let in the gate without a thought. I started to realize I was getting posts from people that I did not know and had nothing in common with.
So I took the idea to the next level and created a plan to clean up my News Feed and turn my "Friends" from strangers into actual Friends.

I created a new message, and each day, I send that message to 30 people on my News Feed that I do not know. I give them five days, and if they do not respond, I delete them as friends.

You may say, "Well, maybe they were not interested in the message you sent." Exactly! That also means they are not interested in me; they want to be able to have me on their big friend list and throw shit against the News Feed and see what sticks.

They want to tell me about them continually and what they are selling, which is ok if we connect, and we both care. If we connect, I want to know what you are doing, and I want to support you.

So what has this done so far?

My newer, happier, healthier News Feed, and new connections.

Since I started spending 15 minutes a day, sending my message to strangers on my news feed, I have seen a massive difference in the value of Facebook to me. I went from 3000 "friends" to 2100 people that are becoming connections. I still spend 15 minutes a day sending my message and deleting people that did not respond from 5 days ago. And it is getting better and better.

The best part is, by the end of this year, I will have connected at least one time with every friend on my list. I will learn who they are and see how we can plus each other lives. If we have nothing in common, I do us both a favor by uncluttering my News Feed and theirs as well.

Facebook can have real value if you fill it with real connections. This 1 Habit of cleaning out and connecting to your "friends" can be game-changer for you. Just 1 habit can change your life forever.

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