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Kathy Gruver, Ph.D. has graced stages on four continents (including TEDx), three cruise ships and a handful of islands. Her combination of humor, performance background, real–life experience, and formal education makes her a well–rounded, in–demand speaker. She hosts the TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet and has earned her Ph.D. in Natural Health. Dr. Gruver is the twelve–time award–winning author of seven books including, Conquer Your Stress, Workplace Wellness, Conquer your Stress at Work, and Journey of Healing.
She has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson–Henry Institute for Mind–Body Medicine at Harvard, and has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Glamour, Fitness, Time, WebMD, Prevention, Huffington Post and Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, and has appeared on over 250 radio & TV shows including Lifetime, NPR, CBS Radio and SkyNews London. In 2015 she had the privilege of creating a stress reduction program for the US Military and has been studying psychology and human behavior her entire life. She is also the co–host of the new Fire and Earth Podcast. For fun and stress relief Gruver does hip hop and flying trapeze.

My Books

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1 Habit: 100 Habits from the World’s Happiest Achievers – Paperback

You know the joy you feel when you are so passionate about your “why” that you can’t wait to wake up and jump right into life? That motivation will get you started, but to be able to follow through, you need the Habits that will help you place one foot in front of the other when things get tough.

Author, Steve Samblis spent years searching the world for the most successful people on the planet. He got to know them and asked them each “What was the one most crucial habit in your life that has made the most significant impact on your success.” He then took these 100 Habits and put them into a book called 1 Habit.

Not only does the 1 Habit contain the Habits, but it also teaches you how to make a Habit part of who you are. Make it part of your being. Once instilled in you, the Habits becomes something you just automatically now do, and that automates your pathway to success.

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The Alternative Medicine Cabinet

This book is a must-have for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of natural health and mind/body medicine, written in an easy to understand and informative way. The Alternative Medicine Cabinet covers a wide range of modalities such as massage techniques, homeopathics and Bach Flower Essences, and also provides natural solutions for common ailments like stress, back pain, sleep issues, and more serious conditions such as depression and cancer. Mind/body medicine, nutrition, women’s health issues, patient advocacy and obesity are also addressed. There are also insightful tips for corporate health and wellness.

This easy to read book has an extensive index to find what you are searching for as well as recommended resources for continued learning. Wanted to learn about different massage modalities or what reiki, homeopathics or Bach Flower Essences are? This is the perfect book. Written with humor and a down to earth style, read it from the beginning or skip to what interests you most. It is a must have book for anyone curious about natural health.

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Conquer Your Stress: With Mind/ Body Techniques

Kathy Gruver is her practical best as she tackles our culture of stress, its repercussions and how we each can reclaim our personal health to create a culture of wellness in our won lives. The steps Dr. Gruver introduces to engage more fully in healthy conversations with ourselves is a simple yet powerful tome; one that will be a well-thumbed addition to my library.

– Darya Bronston, Inventor of the CoreFitnessRoller and CoreBody Reformer, Founder and CEO of Annovium Products

This book emphasizes once again the important role of mind-body medicine as a tool in a number of conditions, first and foremost stress. It helps understand a variety of important factors in the healing process, such as the doctor-patient relationship, the positive therapeutic alliance, the power of words, attitudes, and behaviors of health professionals. It reminds us that the patient must be both cured and cared for.

– Fabrizio Benedetti, University of Turin Medical School, Author of Placebo Effects.

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Journey of Healing

A practical guide to techniques and tools to help you have a healthier and more satisfying life.

As a young child, Kathy Gruver discovered a gift for helping, first by massaging her father’s neck during car trips, then by assisting a massage therapist who took the kinks out of Gruver and her fellow high school acting students. An only child, unpopular in school, she watched her mother suffer with cancer for nine years, and observed her father as devoted caregiver. Finding outlets in theatre and dance, Gruver came west to forge a career as an actress. Along the way, she discovered healing modalities, became a massage therapist, and shares her gift of finding what her clients’ real problems were beyond their presenting symptoms. She continued to pursue higher learning and advanced degrees. Her motto: Go for it. Her desire in life: helping others.
To become the best at what she does, she delved deeply into numerous modalities, which she shares with readers, liberally sprinkled with detailed information as well as anecdotes both heartwarming and heartbreaking, about herself and her many memorable clients over the last twenty years. Gruver demystifies nutrition, meditation, reiki, massage (even how to set up your own practice, as well as the numerous opportunities for employment in the field and how to determine the one for you), homeopathy, herbs, affirmations, cancer, hypnosis, and more. Gruver’s literal journey led her to such places as Stonehenge and flying trapeze; her journey toward self-acceptance was furthered as an artist’s model and being stranded in a foreign country. While her journey may not be ours, it’s there for us to savor and learn and grow.
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Workplace Wellness: Everything you need to know to stay well at work

This book, a companion to Conquer your Stress at Work is made to cover common issues in the workplace. Learn how to fit in fitness, what nutrition choices will work best for you, stretches to stay healthy and how to boost your energy in the afternoon. Special tips are included for job specifics like sitting all day, driving, standing all day and heavy lifting. An encyclopedia of tips to keep you healthy during the workday whether at a desk, in the car, on a construction site or sitting at a home office. Perfect for every profession.

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Conquer your Stress at Work

This book teaches five techniques to reduce stress in the workplace. Starting with basic breath work, then moving to affirmations, visualization, mindfulness and a simple meditation. These methods are proven to not only reduce stress, but also enhance performance, improve communication and increase health. Also covered are warning signs of stress, what mind/body medicine really is and how to incorporate these techniques.

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Make the most of your life with healthy Habits that move you forward in your life. It takes only 1 Habit™ to change your life.

Dr. Kathy Gruver