Mike Wittenstein

IBM eVisionary and founder of StoryMiners®

During junior high school, Mike’s most valuable lesson came not from the classroom, but from the business venture, he started on the side. That effort began to take off when he figured out how to simplify, share, and engage others with the vision that was in his head. Crafting a success story about the future appeared to be a conduit to actual success. Mike honed his storytelling skills in the businesses he founded in grad school, as well as in the two successful agencies he later started. As an eVisionary for Global Services at IBM, he created an internal incubator that birthed new consultancies while saving IBM over a billion dollars. Coming full circle, Mike founded his consultancy, StoryMiners, in 2002 to coach other business leaders in designing and implementing their own success stories. His clients were astonished at how Mike’s approach cut through typical internal roadblocks to gain buy-in and traction for their initiatives. Mike also now shares his unique ideas in the keynote talks he gives around the world.

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Mike Wittenstein