1 Habit: For a Thriving Home Office

Working from home can save the world!   (Coming Soon)
The book hits home on one of the biggest pain points in many people’s lives. If people could escape business environments of living under fluorescent lights, coughing on each other in cubicle farms five days a week, they could be happier, healthier, smarter, be kinder to the earth, get reacquainted with their families and save money — all resulting in the best quality of life possible.

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1 Habit: For a Thriving Home Office is be filled with Habits that, when instilled, can heal and enhance your business, your spirit, and your family.
1 Habit: For a Thriving Home Office is for anyone running a business home, people who work for a company, and telecommute and for companies that are transitioning more of their employees to a work-from-home force.
The book can help you take the giant leap to exit the cubicle farm and take your life back while making more money, saving more money, and having an impact beyond your own life.
Look at these stats...
* The US alone would save over $650 billion by changing to Home Based Business or Telecommute work models.
* Oil consumption would be reduced by 280
* million barrels a year.
* Greenhouse Gas Emissions would be reduced by the
* the equivalent of 9 million cars a year.
Most people will save
* $1500.00 a year on gas.
* $3000 a year on lunch, dinner, and coffee
* $4-7k a year on child care.
* $1700 a year on wardrobe.
* Gain 12 weeks a year by not sitting in your car every day, in traffic going to and from the cubicle farm.

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You could spend 20 years of trial and error trying to find these Habits for yourself or you can read 1 Habit and learn from others that have already done the work for you. 1 Habit compresses decades into days.

Steven Samblis - Creator of 1 Habit