1 Habit For Inspiring Couples – Coming Soon

Creating cohesive habits brings strength to any relationship.

Are you searching for inspiration for your relationship? What if there were examples of successful power couples that you can model your lives after?

This book is centered on couples that are using the power of habits to create a lasting and empowering relationship. It is the center point of how they are able to maintain their connection.


We have all experienced the ups and downs of marriage, entrepreneurship, and parenting. The qualities that are found in the center of their strong union is based on the good habits that they are focused on. Not only does it bring them closer together, but it also creates momentum in their business and wealth goals. They are honored to share their lessons as well as the contributions of other amazing power couples in this new book with 1 Habit Creator, Steven Samblis.

You don’t have to have the same mindset or even be the perfect match, it really takes symbiotic choices that benefit the essence of the partnership. This is how you remain on the same journey while existing as two empowered individuals.

This book is filled with dedicated power couples who are on a mission to make a significant impact in society by sharing their Habits and unHabits that help to inspire other couples when it comes to having a successful and fruitful relationship.

Read alone and then read as a couple. Discuss what you are discovering and let this book be a healthy source of new perspectives that you can share together.

Give this as a gift to other couples you admire, to show that their journey is inspiring your partnership.

Just one new habit can change an individual and a new habit shared by a couple can impact an entire household and the communities they influence.


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