1 Habit for Peak Performance

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Have you ever watched Michael Jordan play basketball? The clock is ticking down to the last few seconds of the game, and he needs this shot to win? Or ever watched Steve Jobs present the latest Apple products at the Apple launch? Or have you ever wondered what went through Robert O’Neill’s mind as he took the kill-shot on Osama Bin Laden? Nobody in their right mind would argue that these men are defined as peak performers. And we welcome you into their world, their minds and their hearts. We are going to pull back the curtain and expose their habits that got them to the high-winning, high-achieving position that they occupy. But we also want to introduce you to the Mom with three children, whose husband travels for work, home-schools and has time to volunteer at a non-profit. How does she do it all? How does she manage her day and time to fit it all in?

We’ll take you inside the ER, where the doctor sees truly horrific things and often has to deliver the message to a family that their loved one didn’t survive. How does he manage his emotions? How does he come back day after day?

And we will look at the entrepreneur who leveraged their house to open their own business? What was their thought process on risking their home for their dream? Do they have any regrets or concerns? Are they worried they might not succeed and lose their home?

And the family law judge who has to listen to the cruelty and abuse of an innocent child? How do they keep it together? Do they ever feel like they want to inflict their pain on the abuser? And how do you keep calm while deciding the future of a child?

These people are all peak performers. They all have accumulated special skills and habits that have enabled them to reach and sustain peak performance. And now you will get to have the top secrets from the top performers in every field. It is our honest hope that at least one habit in the pages of this book will improve your life. But we believe there is more than one. We encourage you to keep this book in an accessible place. Once you’ve mastered one habit, find another one. And then another, and another, until you have the life you want and the life you love.
This book aims to inspire you to action, warm your heart, and stimulate your brain. Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear. And we encourage you to step into the fear; we will meet you there with the habit to get you on the other side. Be brave, be strong, and we will see you at your peak performance!


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You could spend 20 years of trial and error trying to find these Habits for yourself or you can read 1 Habit and learn from others that have already done the work for you. 1 Habit compresses decades into days.

Steven Samblis - Creator of 1 Habit