1 Habit For World Changers

1 Habit for World Changers is a collection of life-changing habits directly from the happiest achievers on the planet that give back.

Whether you take a grassroots approach, or you are a Global change maker you will find action steps to implement every day, to continue doing good, serving the world and its occupants in the most positive of ways.

From conventional change-makers like Doctors, volunteers and non-profit owners, to unconventional humanitarians using art, and music for the world’s greater good; you will find ways to join the movement in your own unique way.

You will find stories from people just like you and I, that have committed their lives to making a significant and positive change to their immediate communities, and in the lives of people all over the world.


Studies show that the happiest people are the people that give back. From cover to cover, you will find that these are the people that have mastered this proven fact to a tee. They were generous enough to share with us their habits and un-habits that they live by every day to leave a positive legacy in their wake.

These pages contain the secret to the unconventional pillars of generosity, making small adjustments to make a big difference. Reading through, you will notice that these stories will shift your vision, ultimately giving a better understanding of the many methods used to transform lives from man, animal, to flora.

Co-Author, Shyla Day joined 1 Habit Creator, Steven Samblis to bring you a continuation of the #1 bestselling 1 Habit series, "1 Habit for World Changers: Life-Changing Habits from the Happiest Achievers that Give Back".

For over 10 years, Shyla has used her platform as a well-known singer/songwriter to fuel her passion for humanity, and make a positive social impact by supporting numerous causes in all stretches of the world. She brings together "world changers", people who challenge us all to utilize our own gifts, skills, and talents as a means to make their collective contributions to the world.


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