Become the Best Version of Yourself: 21 Undeniable Lessons to Create the Life You Want

21 Undeniable Lessons to Create the Life You Want

Too many people underachieve. Sometimes they recognize this condition but, most often, it’s a hidden factor in their life. They settle for a “less than” opportunity to be their best self. We compare ourselves to others and deflate the air out of our sails. Instead, you need to forget the outside competition. Your competition instead should focus on your performance. Whatever that is, that becomes your level of excellence. But, it can always be more!!
Self-competition gives us the level of excellence we possess. Inertia holds us back. We brace, anchor our feet, and settle for less than our abilities can produce. Using the lessons from this book, readers now have a template and strategy to raise their level of excellence and move closer to becoming the best version of themselves.

Use this book to evaluate your success potential. Be real! Be honest! Don’t settle for a lesser version. Dig in and push forward with all the energy and abilities you have. Seek the support of others.
Our natural tendency is to “hold back” a bit almost afraid to stretch and risk. Just a little more pushing of our abilities help us cross the finish line. The 21 lessons in this book are life-changing. Time-tested techniques challenge readers with a process to bring greater success to every facet of their life.


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