Conquer Your Stress: With Mind/ Body Techniques

Kathy Gruver is her practical best as she tackles our culture of stress, its repercussions and how we each can reclaim our personal health to create a culture of wellness in our won lives. The steps Dr. Gruver introduces to engage more fully in healthy conversations with ourselves is a simple yet powerful tome; one that will be a well-thumbed addition to my library.

– Darya Bronston, Inventor of the CoreFitnessRoller and CoreBody Reformer, Founder and CEO of Annovium Products

This book emphasizes once again the important role of mind-body medicine as a tool in a number of conditions, first and foremost stress. It helps understand a variety of important factors in the healing process, such as the doctor-patient relationship, the positive therapeutic alliance, the power of words, attitudes, and behaviors of health professionals. It reminds us that the patient must be both cured and cared for.

– Fabrizio Benedetti, University of Turin Medical School, Author of Placebo Effects.


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