How Rich Asians Think: A Think and Grow Rich Publication

How Rich Asians Think: A Think and Grow Rich Publication will give you the tools to eliminate excuses and overcome your fears so that you can begin turning your dreams into reality and become the person you were meant to be.

How Rich Asians Think follows the chapter outline of the original Think and Grow Rich. Each chapter begins with the author’s modern interpretation of the key points found in Napoleon Hill’s original text. Then, the author shares success stories and examples from his interviews with Asian and non-Asian leaders relating to each principle of individual achievement. The author connects these stories and examples to Hill’s key points in a short summary before leaving you with inspirational quotes exclusively from notable Asians.

Each chapter concludes with exercises and action steps for you to apply what you have learned, enabling you to turn desire into forward momentum. As you read, write you thoughts and ideas, clarify your goals, and organize your plan.

Regardless of your background, this book has the power to change your life. Your personal success goes beyond the boundaries of race, ethnicity, and culture. If you follow the thirteen principles of individual achievement taught by Napoleon Hill almost a century ago, you will succeed.

Learn the secrets of today’s most successful Asian Americans

“Desire is the spark that ignites us and takes us from dreaming to doing.”

Learn how high-achieving Asian-American and non-Asian leaders have applied Napoleon Hill’s timeless achievement principles to turn their passions into prosperity and create a meaningful life and career. Now you, too, can implement these success strategies to master your destiny.

Break free from traditions to chart your own unique path toward success with help from John Shin’s How Rich Asians Think. Discover how to:

  • Identify your personal burning desire
  • Crystallize your own authentic message
  • Translate the products of your imagination into concrete plans
  • Seize the opportunities that are all around you
  • Reap the economic and psychic benefits of a mastermind group
  • And combat indecision, procrastination, and other bad habits to turn your dreams into reality!


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