If your website was an employee, would you fire it?: 5 things you wish you knew before you made your website and how to fix them now

When you ask yourself better questions, you’ll get better answers and better results. This is a book for everyone with a website, regardless of what you do. It’s not a technical book about programming, rather it will show you how to think differently about your website. It was designed to be a quick and easy read as I want you to get on to taking real action. Without action there can’t be any change. Whether you work with a professional website designer or you look in the mirror to see your designer, you’ll discover easy things you can do, right away, to improve the performance of your current site or help you design a new one. Are you ready to begin? Let’s start your journey to greater success, today. Here’s some thoughts from real people who’ve read it:

“For those that think their website is perfect then they need to buy this book. I did. I can tell you that Alan Berg hit every point and question I had brought to attention was answered in his book. All I can say is buy it!!!”
Rich Steckler, Infinity Films, Hollywood, FL

“Awesome book. Quick read, but very powerful. I feel like it helped me take immediate action to upgrade my site. A must read..”
Beau Kramer, Kramer Events, Paso Robles, CA


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