Junior Habitude Warriors: Guide to Building Confidence, Leadership & Personal Development

#1 national bestseller on Amazon in TWO categories, including Philosophy and Social Issues, and #1 international bestseller in Teen Health.

We all must have 3 major skills to be successful in life: Confidence, Leadership, and Personal Development. Erik Swanson, or as many people refer to him as “Mr. Awesome,” teaches the youth about confidence, leadership and the secrets to success. This book is designed for both parent and child to work through together as a blueprint for success.Enjoy the stories, lessons, and teachings by our Junior Habitude Warrior Experts and enjoy an amazing and fruitful future with your children.

Junior Habitude Warriors is written by Erik Swanson and The Junior Habitude Warrior Expert Contributing Co-Authors:

  • Larayne Glidewell,
  • Joshua Evans,
  • Jason Freeman,
  • Jenya Carter,
  • Melisa Hall,
  • Sharon Lechter,
  • Steve Beckles-Ebusua,
  • Scott Sorrell,
  • Dali Melo,
  • Ryan Lowe,
  • Stacey Ellen,
  • Justin Renner,
  • Eric Lassard,
  • Chris Warner,
  • Logan Langemeier.

“If you are looking for a place for your children to learn the secrets of success to build upon their future, then look no further. Junior Habitude Warriors is the place to send them!” – Claudia Soul, The Clarity Doctor

“Sign your children up for this program, and you will thank me!” – Michael Contello, Father

“As a Mom, my absolute #1 priority are my children. I’m so glad there are associations like the Junior Habitude Warriors! They teach our children the importance of courage, confidence, and leadership.” – Roxie Albritton Lansford, Mother

“As a teacher and mentor, I know the value and importance for our youth to learn and build the best habits of success at an early age. The Junior Habitude Warriors program does exactly that! Thank you!” – Larayne Glidewell, Mentor

“One of the best decisions I had made was to bring my teen to learn at the Junior Habitude Warrior Conference.” – Johnny Morney Jr., Father

Junior Habitude Warrior Conferences.

Created and developed by Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson and his team of experts, the Junior Habitude Warrior Conference is a 1-day success camp geared towards kids ages 8 to 18 where we have our experts teach and coach throughout the day in these 3 categories: Confidence, Leadership & Personal Development. These are areas that schools, unfortunately, neglect to teach our kids these days.

To nominate a child to be considered, please apply at: www.JuniorHabitudeWarrior.com







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