Less is More: Japanese beauty, weight loss & health secrets

Why do Japanese women live the longest, are the healthiest and have the most beautiful skin in the world? Koko Hayashi, Japanese anti-aging guru, shares age-defying secrets that are not yet widely known or practiced outside of Japan. A sampling of her health and beauty tips: • Want a lifetime of beautiful skin? Don’t over-wash. Don’t over-moisturize. Skin-fast once a week. Be wary of “miracle” skin care products: they may make you look younger overnight, but maybe aging you in the long term. • Want to lose weight without spending a dime on weight loss products? Always eat your veggies first (even at breakfast). Eat “brown” foods. Keep your body warm. • Want to appear 10 lbs. thinner without changing your fashion? Learn the “model’s walk”. • Want to have a healthy and long life? Study your poop every day! Eat Japanese superfoods. Practice “life cleanse”. “Less is More” offers 43 chapters of easy to follow lifestyle tips, including ways to minimize facial wrinkles even as you read the book! Want to look 10 to 20 years younger? Embrace the Japanese lifestyle philosophy of “Less is More”, starting today.







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